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We are a group of longtime fans of Pink Floyd and, two times each year, we professionally write and print a fanzine composed with 52 pages totally devoted to Pink Floyd and solo members. The fanzine is written in Italian and English language and have readers all over the world. You can find us on the main web site and on several music magazine; each issue have a double coloured cover and a lot of interesting articles and reviews about the past and present of our beloved “Pink” band. We can do all thanks to our passion and thank to some great collaboration such like the one from Vernon Fitch, writer and archivist of the Floyd.

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In the current issue nr. 23 (November 2013) you’ll find:

A Storm of dreams: a large and poignant reminder of the late genius of the image, the creator of almost all the covers of Pink Floyd passed away a few months ago

• Outside the Wall: writeup and photo of the incredible event held in July 2013 in Padua by the Floydseum

• Pink Floyd 1973, The Great Gig in the Sky pt 2: the second part taken in the history of Pink Floyd told 40 years later through reviews and interviews enriched with photos and reproductions of material at the time of the album of the prism

• The Hero's return: Roger Waters has found out where and how his father died

• Exclusive Interview with Lunatics, a year after the release of their book "Storie e Segreti"

• A saucerful of BITS & NEWS: an extensive review of major events related to the world of Pink Floyd, occurred in the last months


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